Why nothing changes

Except gas prices.  Did anyone else notice that the day after the elections gas prices are 10 to 20 cents higher?  Republican payback?  The dems haven’t had a chance to raise taxes.  The per barrel price of crude is still below $60.  What changed?

The news folks were very conservative and careful not to predict anything outrageous.  Fox news was focusing on those races where the repubs were close and might win.

There were all kinds of freaky incidents, including the squirrel terrorist who sacrificed itself to blow out power to 3 voting districts.  Electronic voting machines that didn’t work or voter id cards that were improperly programmed.

Seems like I heard that absentee ballots were at an all time high, and would not be completely counted for several days, and yet voila! races were called complete.

All of this adds up to more questions than answers.  For the electorate and the prez. 

Bush will now have to answer to the dems for his past indiscretions. Sure.  Will the corporate welfare bill, patriot act, torture act, bankruptcy bill etc change for the better?  Likely not.  Bush will never sign any changes and a 2/3rds vote of the senate and house are totally unrealistic.  So what changes?

We have a government for the corporations, by the corporations and of the corporations.  Perhaps if everyone incorporates and saves their pennies we can influence congress too.  NOT!


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