Let’s have an election

November 7th.  midterm elections.  a time for all those citizens who want to affect and afflict the current regime in control of amerika. 

if you did not vote, you have missed the chance to be empowered.  maybe no more than the breath of a butterfly.  maybe the roar of a hurricane.  even if you choose not to vote, you have helped to elect the power elite.  this would be the sin of omission.

 it is not really about republicans and democrats, as PACs and news media would have us believe.  it is about issues. immigration, taxes, THE WAR, oil, deception and of course the future.  the future is now, today.

 this is a nation of immigrants.  greedy land hungry nations drove the native americans into hidey holes, reservations, swamps and into cultural oblivion.  now these same natives own casinos, tax free cash cows.  many of these same natives are flowing across an unprotected border. 

we are told they will supply cheap labor and taxes to pay for future retirees.  THE WAR is now being called our way to protect middle east oil supplies from terrorists.  the same terrorists who tried to destroy our markets by their attack on the world trade center.  guess what: it is all part of the plan.  conspiracy? hardly.  just part of the normal deception and manipulation of the US middle class by the wealthy and powerful.

so, get out and vote.  try to stem the tide, like the little dutch boy with his finger in the dike of destruction.

the future is now! 


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