How do you separate the church from the state

November 8, 2006

For Foley and Haggard, you would need a crowbar. 

As the nation moves on after the election, and the Foley scandal fades into the who cares files, it is important to remember: we are all human.  Draw your own conclusions. 

Are we a nation of cultures?  Like yogurt and cheese.  The bacteria of life has increased and mixed in the milk of human existence with some sacrificial calf puke, the result is a cheesy smelling mess.  Instead of human sexuality and belief in a higher power growing into our culture and being an integral part of our culture, we try to bury one and flaunt the other.  Liberals bury the higher power and flaunt sexuality and Conservatives bury sexuality and flaunt the higher power.

Neither approach truly works.  Neither approach does our country justice.  So we vaccillate and flagellate and excommunicate and the resurrect.   The US is a culture of multiple personalities that try and bury alter egos that are necessary to survival, but do not fit within the framework of conservative or liberal philosophy. 

This schizoid behavior has a funny way of creating a dynamic balance.  This may have been the intent of the founding fathers, but might be a result of the law of unintentional consequences.  The neocons made an end run towards exectutive branch dictatorship.  It does not matter now if 911 was intentional on the part of the neocons, or merely a serendipitous event.  911 was used to promote the “law and order” society so desired by the nixon administration (remember rumsfeld).

Now crazy media freaks like mancow try to pit the thinkers against the doers (conspiracy theorists and heroic firefighters) to stir up some angst and illumination.  The result is noise and furor with no real benefit to anyone.

Back to the title: it was a joke I heard about separating the men from the boys in greece (no disrespect to those who are Greek or Greek dissent, since the proclivity for sodomy is present in many societies) with a crowbar.  Apparently there is some paralllel between burying our sexuality and burying the male member in the poop chute which strikes a very powerful chord in the evangelicals and congressmen.  Oh for the days of the scandals of religious wingnuts (Jimmy Swaggart) chasing prostitutes and sexcraved congressman (Gary Condit) chasing interns of the opposite sex. 


Why nothing changes

November 8, 2006

Except gas prices.  Did anyone else notice that the day after the elections gas prices are 10 to 20 cents higher?  Republican payback?  The dems haven’t had a chance to raise taxes.  The per barrel price of crude is still below $60.  What changed?

The news folks were very conservative and careful not to predict anything outrageous.  Fox news was focusing on those races where the repubs were close and might win.

There were all kinds of freaky incidents, including the squirrel terrorist who sacrificed itself to blow out power to 3 voting districts.  Electronic voting machines that didn’t work or voter id cards that were improperly programmed.

Seems like I heard that absentee ballots were at an all time high, and would not be completely counted for several days, and yet voila! races were called complete.

All of this adds up to more questions than answers.  For the electorate and the prez. 

Bush will now have to answer to the dems for his past indiscretions. Sure.  Will the corporate welfare bill, patriot act, torture act, bankruptcy bill etc change for the better?  Likely not.  Bush will never sign any changes and a 2/3rds vote of the senate and house are totally unrealistic.  So what changes?

We have a government for the corporations, by the corporations and of the corporations.  Perhaps if everyone incorporates and saves their pennies we can influence congress too.  NOT!

Let’s have an election

November 7, 2006

November 7th.  midterm elections.  a time for all those citizens who want to affect and afflict the current regime in control of amerika. 

if you did not vote, you have missed the chance to be empowered.  maybe no more than the breath of a butterfly.  maybe the roar of a hurricane.  even if you choose not to vote, you have helped to elect the power elite.  this would be the sin of omission.

 it is not really about republicans and democrats, as PACs and news media would have us believe.  it is about issues. immigration, taxes, THE WAR, oil, deception and of course the future.  the future is now, today.

 this is a nation of immigrants.  greedy land hungry nations drove the native americans into hidey holes, reservations, swamps and into cultural oblivion.  now these same natives own casinos, tax free cash cows.  many of these same natives are flowing across an unprotected border. 

we are told they will supply cheap labor and taxes to pay for future retirees.  THE WAR is now being called our way to protect middle east oil supplies from terrorists.  the same terrorists who tried to destroy our markets by their attack on the world trade center.  guess what: it is all part of the plan.  conspiracy? hardly.  just part of the normal deception and manipulation of the US middle class by the wealthy and powerful.

so, get out and vote.  try to stem the tide, like the little dutch boy with his finger in the dike of destruction.

the future is now! 

Let’s dance

November 7, 2006

get up and move your feet.

move your fingers and blog.

start the dance.

this is the end, the end my friend…………..and the beginning.